Reaffirming our Commitment to our Immigrant and Refugee Clients in 2017

January 26, 2017

by Yanki Tshering

The recent elections compelled many of us to think carefully about what it means to be a patriotic American. For the staff at BCNA, it means working to strengthen all of our communities in New York City by helping our immigrant and refugee clients rebuild their lives, start businesses, and contribute to the local economy. We consider it an honor and are proud to participate in the American tradition of welcoming and supporting newcomers, and are more than ever committed to continuing to do so.

Meet Our Newest Staff Members

January 12, 2017

by Yanki Tshering

We are very pleased that 2016 brought the addition of new staff members Jessica Martin, Lauren Danzig, and Tshering Gurung to the BCNA team! If you haven't had the pleasure yet, we hope you'll have a chance  to get to know them in 2017. They bring a wealth of additional expertise, insight, and enthusiasm to our already exceptional staff.

Discovering Common Threads

December 22, 2016

by Yanki Tshering

Arriving in New York as a refugee can be an overwhelming experience, so BCNA is pleased that we are able to support this group of new Americans and uphold the rich American tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees to the US. We were extremely gratified by the support shown last week for Common Threads, our first event focusing on the relationship between refugees and the creative arts. The turnout was truly gratifying...

How to Start & Run a Successful Business Workshop

December 06, 2016

Congratulations to the international class of graduates from our "How To Start & Run A Successful Business" workshop! Participants learned about marketing, business plans, small business legal necessities, and more.

Please Save the Date for "Common Threads"

November 08, 2016

Please join us December 14th at the Rubin Museum for Common Threads, a very special evening honoring Refugees through Style and Voice.                 Click here to RSVP