Pioneering the Next Generation of New Americans

October 07, 2011

Yanki Tshering

(Originally published as a guest post on Startup America Partnership's blog. Read about their great work here)

At the Business Center for New Americans,, we are constantly impressed with the ingenuity, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit shown by our clients – many of whom are recent immigrants or refugees.  Most immigrants don't have the luxury to search for investments from venture capitalists, nor are they often creating the kind of startups that attract VC money. So, out of sight of New York's Silicon Alley, they just roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to create businesses to support themselves and their families. 

What our clients are doing – creating small businesses, and ultimately more jobs -- is equally as important to our economy as startups in new tech sectors.  We are proud to provide microloans and business training, helping our clients take that first step into the American entrepreneur class.

Back home, our clients were doctors or lawyers, musicians and hair braiders. Some are 19-years old, some are 70-years old.  Some have doctorates, some have an elementary education (or even less.)