More Advocacy Needed for Micro and Small Businesses

May 28, 2013

by Yanki Tshering

A few weeks ago I stepped out to buy lunch at one of the food carts in the square opposite  Zuccotti Park, the park that was made famous by "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. But instead of the usual line of food carts like Biriyani Cart and Dumpling House, I found the  vendors holding a press conference. They had arrived that morning to discover they had lost their spaces to the bike docking stands that are part of New York's new bike sharing program. 

BCNA Clients Featured in Wall Street Journal

September 27, 2012

by Yanki Tshering

Nothing is more gratifying for us than to see our clients succeed, and to see their hardwork and entrepreneurial spirit recognized. This is particularly true of our clients who are immigrants and refugees, who often face a much steeper learning curve and bureaucratic struggle than non-immigrants do. I was therefore extremely gratified to see  a recent Wall Street Journal article that not only featured BCNA, but...

BCNA Honors Immigrant Entrepreneurs

April 24, 2012

by Yanki Tshering

 On Friday, April 20, over 100 friends and clients gathered at BCNA's headquarters at 120 Broadway to recognize three inspiring immigrant entrepreneurs, as well as to hear an expert panel...

Protecting the American Dream for New American Entrepreneurs

June 14, 2011

by Yanki Tshering, Executive Director

I've been thinking a lot lately about the Mission of the Business Center and whether the American Dream is still alive. When our staff was in Queens last week we spoke with a street vendor who has a fruit cart. He had just been fined $500 for a minor infraction and was anxious because he couldn't afford it.  If  he does not pay the fine, however, he risks losing his permit and therefore his only source of livelihood.

I was reminded by his plight  of  Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor who set himself  on fire in Tunisia in January to protest of the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation that he reported was inflicted on him by an official.